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Family of rescued woman says they were planning her funeral


by Bryan Goettel

JONES COUNTY (KWWL) - It's the kind of story you expect to hear out of the depths of the Amazon.

Or on the slopes of Mount Everest.

Instead, it's a story of survival begins and ends right here in Eastern Iowa.

Its been a long week for Corey Schnepp and his family.

"It's just an emotional rollercoaster," Schnepp said.

Coreys mom, Jeanne, went fishing last Wednesday along the Wapsipinicon river. But she didnt fish from the bank like she normally does.

"For some crazy reason she thought she'd thought go out there and just float around and try and fish out of this raft," Schnepp said. "She got caught in the current and taken downstream."

She ended up stuck amidst branches and debris.

"I can only imagine what it was like for her, especially being trapped there and hearing the boats drive by and theres a bridge close, being able to hear the cars drive by and people talking and just not knowing if anybodys ever going to be able to find her," Schnepp said.

By Monday, Corey said hope was all but lost.

"We were all pretty much set that after five days we didn't think we were going to find her," Schnepp said. 

Then, a phone call that Jeanne Schnepp had been found alive.

"It was unreal," Schnepp said. "We were pretty much in the mindset that we were getting ready to plan a funeral to finding out that she's alive and in ambulance on the way to the hospital."

Corey and his family reunited at the hospital where Jeanne was taken out of intensive care Tuesday. They say she's in good spirits, just suffering from a bad sunburn.

"Its just a wonderful outcome was a long five days," Schnepp said.

Schnepp said his mom won't be fishing again by herself and she definitely won't be allowed to get another raft.

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel

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