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"Green" parish festival


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- "Waste not, want not" is not a new idea in the Catholic faith, but one parish has been trying emphasis that religion and environmental stewardship go together.

The Resurrection Church held the first parish festival in Dubuque to aim for ''zero waste.''

The parish's festival was just like past year--the profits go to the church, there's food and activities.  But this year was different because everything that was used was either  biodegradable or recyclable material.  This saved about one ton of food and trash that will not go to the landfill.

"It's a win-win situation. We enjoy a fine meal.  We take all of the-- what we use to call trash, now we call ‘compostables'-- by passing the landfill and going to the compost pile facility," said Resurrection Parish Environmental Stewardship Chair Judy Haley Giesen.

The compost will go to landscaping and gardens in Dubuque.

Only a few things were not biodegradable or recyclable--like wax packaging, but these were reduced to a minimum.

The parish's "green" attitude has not just been at this festival.  The Resurrection school is now composting left-over food daily.  It has reduced its trash by 3 quarters.

Online Producer: Jackie Manternach

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