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Free tree planting permit

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - With the approach of the emerald ash borer (EAB), the city of Cedar Rapids wants residents to know that it's important to build age and species diversity within the street tree population now.  W

Up to 28% of Cedar Rapids street trees belong to the ash family, so the eventual loss of those trees when EAB arrives will be a tremendous loss to the community.  Tree planting in the coming years within open right-of-way areas will offset the effects of EAB.

As the fall planting season approaches, residents are encouraged to purchase and plant trees within the right-of-way.  This process has now become even easier with the free, online Tree Planting Permit.

Here's what to do:

  • 1. Visit the City Website at:
  • 2. Fill out the TREE PLANTING PERMIT
  • 3. Pay attention to approved placement, tree size, and tree species guidelines
  • 4. Submit Permit Application to the Public Works Department as outlined
  • 5. After the Permit is approved, call Iowa One Call for Utility Locates
  • 6. Purchase tree from a local supplier and happy planting!

Currently, City Forestry is able to plant about 750 trees per year.  City ordinance also requires newly constructed homes to plant one street tree within the parking strip.  Commercial development standards also provide for landscaping and parking lot tree requirements within City limits.  The city says this is an excellent commitment from the community, but assistance in planting more trees now will help protect and revitalize an important resource that will be enjoyed for future generations.


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