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Rick Coleman's Skydive


The most exciting part for me is the exit----

And nearly 35-hundred times-- Don Briggs has chosen to exit a plane when it was thousands of feet above the ground.

Briggs passion for skydiving sold me on giving it try. Of course I needed support for this adventure and the only person I found who would even come close to saying yes was my friend Marty Timson

Marty's parents and her two youngest sons came to watch her jump...

Each of us had a Paradise Skydiver videographer capture our experience--

Because both Marty and I had one skydive under our belts---we knew what to expect--- but while Marty the closet adrenaline junkie was smiling and savoring every moment--- I began to get a little nervous especially when pilot Randy Schumacher took our plane up an extra 15-hundred feet to an altitude of 14-500 feet... and then the door opened... NAT SOT...

Marty and her tandem instructor--Elliot Kelley were the first ones to tumble out the plane--literally... and then seconds later--it was me and Don Briggs. The exit is breathtaking---and nothing like you'd ever expect... Paradise Owner Jay Speckeen who has made an astounding 14 to 15-thousand jumps describes it best.

Also absent is the sense of falling 120 miles an hour--it's more of a flying sensation--- but while I struggled to catch my breath in the heavy wind--- Marty was having a much smoother free fall-- smiling and mugging for the sky cameraman...

The second phase of the skydive occurs at 5-thousand feet--when we pull the cord and the opening parachute slows our descent to a halting 17 miles an hour. It's at that moment that it really becomes Paradise as we float over the Eastern Iowa countryside---seeing sights as far as 40-50 miles away.


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