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States look to cut financial aid


by John Wilmer

WATERLOO (KWWL) - As the demand grows, states are making deep cuts to financial aid for college students. The Iowa College Student Aid Commission has made a 6.8 percent reduction, causing certain programs to tighten their eligibility requirements and even eliminate some programs all together.

Lindsay Early and Andi Allen are not spending their final summer before graduation relaxing by the pool, Instead they are working at Community United Child Care Center in Waterloo trying to pay for their college education.

"Right now I work at a daycare and I'm also a high school softball coach and just trying to work as much as I can so I'll be able to pay those loans off once I graduate," said Allen.

State funded universities are cheaper than private school, but their cost also continues to go up. Right now the cost of all three schools is very similar around $3,300 a semester.

"UNI was a good education program to go to so I ended up trying to go there but now looking back it would have been a little cheaper to go to a community college first," said Allen.

Allen and Early say they will miss the major cuts that are coming, but will still have hefty loans to pay back. 

"Yeah, I'm definitely excited to get out. Not so excited about paying back my student loans but at least I'm done now taking them out," said Early.

As for future college students the cost of college will only go up causing frustration for some, but there is advice from those who have taken part in the college experience.

"I would definitely recommend applying for scholarships and grants and anything you like filling out all the paperwork but it could definitely help to get any amount of help... which would be nice," said Early.

The programs being cut by the Iowa College Student Aid Commission include the Iowa Work Study and the Washington D.C. Internship Program.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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