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Don Briggs: Skydiver

...It's always great--- the worst jump I had was wonderful...

For more than 35 years--- Don Briggs has been jumping out of airplanes...nearly 35-hundred jumps..and he can't get enough..

....Don's passion for skydiving is shared by his brother Dick and many of his best friends including former NU High track coach Bob Lee.

Almost every weekend in the summer---you can find Briggs and his crew at Paradise Skydives in Vinton founded by Jay Speckeen.

Paradsie is one of only three drop zones in the entire state of Iowa.

While these guys might appear to be dare devils in the sky---everything they do is centered on safety...Each weekend, 50 to 100 thrill seekers come to Vinton to experience skydiving for the first time... Don Briggs and several tandem instructors provide them with extensive safety demonstrations--- To be a tandem insturctor a skydiver has to have at least 500 jumps.

"There's a lot of training involved-- we don't train people to have fun."

The thing that really sold me on getting buckled up for my first tandem jump-- was Don's experience--- and the fact there is a backup plan. The Automatic Activation Device installed in each parachute.

"You could drop this out of a plane and at 2-thousand feet it would automatically open."

Joining me for my first Tandem Skydive is my friend and O'Connell Extreme Fitness classmate Marty Timson---who didn't blink when I asked her.

Tomorrow night at Ten---We will take you up to 14-thousand 500 feet-- as I take ride of my life. Take it away Don Briggs.

"back to you Ron."

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