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Iowa Democrat Blasts Grassley Statements



It's political mudslinging, says Iowa State Democratic Senator, Joe Bolkcom, of Iowa City. Bolkcom Wednesday leveled the charge against Iowa Republican U.S. Senator, Charles Grassley, following one of Senator Grassley's health care reform meetings in Iowa. Bolkcom issued a statement, which follows here in its entriety. 

Statement by Iowa State Senator Joe Bolkcom, chair of the Iowa Senate Ways and Means Committee and former member of the Iowa Health Care Reform Commission

"U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley today disappointed the vast majority of Iowans when he engaged in the lowest form of political mudslinging by repeating the vicious slur that health reform may ‘pull the plug on grandma.'

"Here are the facts.  The provisions in the health reform bill approved by the U.S. House of Representatives which extremists have mischaracterized as "death panels" refer to helping patients, families and their doctors develop living wills.  As anyone honestly dealing with health care issues knows, living wills are a wise way for patients to manage their end-of-life care and make sure their dignity and wishes are respected.

"Senator Grassley should understand the value of this legislation.  If he has sincere concerns, he could ask his grandson about the issue.  Pat Grassley, who now holds Senator Grassley's former seat in the Iowa House of Representatives, voted in 2008 for the same legislation that Senator Grassley now calls pulling the plug on grandma.

"Is Senator Grassley, said to be the leading Senate Republican on health reform, so misinformed that he honestly believes this outrageous distortion?  If so, then I question his ability to ever make an informed judgment on the health needs of Iowans.

"However, I don't think Senator Grassley is misinformed.  I think it is more likely that he has decided to pander to the most extreme members of the Republican base by repeating outlandish statements that he knows to be false.

"Today, at Iowa town meetings which were closely followed by the national media, Senator Chuck Grassley let down the majority of Iowans who want real health insurance reforms, reforms that will bring them lower costs, more choices, and protection from insurance company abuses."

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