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Universities preparing for more cuts


by John Wilmer

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) - State universities are preparing for the worst. Right now the three state universities are on target to receive 80 million dollars in federal stimulus funds, which would make up for most of this year's state budget cuts. Now the board of regents wants the schools they oversee to start scaling back, just in case that money isn't there in the future.

"By June 30th, 2010 all of them have been instructed to make the changes that are necessary so they could operate, however challenging it might be for them, but they can operate without that 80 million dollars," said President of the Board of Regents, David Miles.

The University of Northern Iowa has offered early retirement to a number of faculty and staff to help off-set their budget.

"We had about 120 of those application come through and then we'll review how we can replace some of those, but not replace them all so we can have come budget savings for fiscal year 2010 and beyond," said University President Ben Allen.

President Allen says UNI is working hard to keep students a priority by focusing on campus safety, strengthening financial aid and keeping a high standard when it comes to education.

"With that said, when you take that much money out you probably will end up on occasion with larger class sizes and that can have some impact on the students," said Allen.

"At the same time they are looking at other ways to raise revenue and they're also looking at ways to be creative so that they can improve the educational experience per dollar," said Miles.

School officials at UNI say one area that may face cuts in the coming month is student employment on campus.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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