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Finley provides Medical Identity Theft Protection Program

DUBUQUE (NEWS RELEASE) -  The Finley Hospital Medical  Identity Theft Program is being implemented for Finley patients because of the recent The Federal Trade Commission new ruling, "Red Flag Rules", that will go into affect August 1, 2009. These rules will affect the daily operations of hospitals as well as many other businesses.

The "Red Flag Rules" require certain businesses to have an Identity Theft Program. Identity Theft is when a fraud is committed or attempted using the "Identifying Information" of another person without authority.

Medical identity theft occurs when someone uses another person's name or other parts of another person's identity, such as insurance information without the victim's knowledge or consent, to obtain medical services. Medical identity theft also occurs when someone uses another person's identity to obtain money by falsifying claims for medical services and falsifying medical records to support those claims.

The new requirement will be that patients must have a photo identification with them and an insurance card. "That's not always been requested when a patient comes in. Usually when a person has a procedure; they leave their valuables at home, so this will be a change for them," states Finley Hospital Director of Health Information Management Susan Habar. "It's an added measure of security,  - to be able to check a picture identification and see that it matches the person in front of us," Haber said.

Finley has posters with Medical Identity Requirements prominently displayed in the Registration Department of the hospital, and literature available at the hospital and on the Finley website regarding Medical Identity Theft including a section of frequently asked questions at

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