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2010 Caucus Date Set


Iowa Republican and Democratic Party leaders rarely agree on the key issues of the day, but they have agreed to a date and time for Iowa's 2010 first-in the nation Precinct Caucuses. In an effort to get more Iowans involved, the 2010 Caucuses will bring a major change in the day of the caucuses.  

The State parties announced the 2010 date and time in the following joint press release.

Iowa Democratic Party State Chairman, Mike Kiernan, and Republican Party of Iowa State Chairman, Matt Strawn, made the following joint statement concerning the date and time for the 2010 precinct caucuses.
"We are proud to announce the Republican Party of Iowa and the Iowa Democratic Party, with the support of our respective State Central Committees, have agreed to hold the 2010 Precinct Caucuses on Saturday, January 23 beginning at 1 p.m.
To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time either Party has held its precinct caucuses on a Saturday.  Our decision to hold these important organizational meetings on a Saturday was made to encourage greater participation in an off-year caucus and get more Iowans actively involved with the work of our Parties.
Getting more Iowans involved in their local precinct caucuses is good for Democrats, good for Republicans, and good our political process.  Iowans will be making some critically important decisions in 2010 and the more people actively involved in the process the better for Iowa."

Online Reporter:  Ron Steele


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