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Rural Iowa Animal Rescue helps animals in need

by Danielle Wagner

ROWLEY (KWWL) Since opening about eight months ago, an eastern Iowa animal rescue has found homes for more than 150 animals.

The Rural Iowa Animal Rescue is located in Buchanan County, near Rowley.

"We thought it would be helpful in this area. There's shelters in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids, but nothing really in the country. We have seen a lot of good response so far, and we're hoping for more," said Amanda Johnson.

Amanda Johnson and her husband turned their farm into a rescue for animals at the end of last year.

"We knew it was needed out here and we both loves animals, which really helped, especially with the economy. We've seen more animals abandoned," she said.

On average, the rescue has about 10 cats and 10 dogs. But unlike some shelters, this place can take more than your average house pet.

"We can take anything from cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, horses, even some of the llamas and alpacas. One thing we don't do is any reptile or any wildlife because we aren't licensed for those," said Johnson.

Right now, the rescue has eight horses from western Iowa.

Johnson said the family was splitting up and planned to leave the horses behind, unattended.

"We ended up getting a call from another rescue down there saying they needed help and actually we got them and found there was issues from previous times. A lot have injures. One looks like she broke her leg and it's healed completely crooked. She'll never be able to be ridden again," said Johnson.

Johnson is looking for hay donations to feed the animals and people willing to adopt the horses.

She said they're about three years old. Some have behaviorial issues from being abused, but should make a good horse with some training.

But even if some of the eight horses stay behind...

"We're a no-kill shelter, no animal gets put down unless it's a severe health issue," said Johnson.

Johnson and her husband plan to keep taking in horses, dogs and other animals as needed.

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.Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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