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Healthcare reform: What do you think?


WATERLOO (KWWL) - President Barack Obama warns that economic recovery relies on getting skyrocketing health care costs under control.

"Even as we rescue this country from a full blown crisis, we must rebuild it stronger than before," said President Obama during his news conference Wednesday night.

Most Americans say health care reform is needed sooner rather than later, but they don't agree on how to do it.  A recent USA Today/Gallop poll finds 56-percent are in favor of Congress' passing major healthcare reform legislation this year, but many Americans disapprove 50-percent, of the way President Obama is handling the healthcare policy.

Senator Grassley says health care reform should not be Republican or Democrat, it should be from the center.

"Restructuring 16-percent of the economy, because that's what healthcare is, that ought to be done in a thoughtful way. We ought to know exactly what we're doing. And it ought to be done on a bipartisan basis that, when you're doing something, that there's a broad consensus that what you're doing is the right thing," said Senator Grassley. 

We want to know what you think about this bill. Do you think changes are necessary, or is the president going overboard?  Share your thoughts by posting a response to this story.


Online Producer: Maria Magner


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