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Iowa City police arrest accomplice in Monday bank robbery


IOWA CITY (KWWL) - One man who police say was involved with Monday's robbery at American Bank and Trust in Iowa City, is behind bars.

19-year old Charles Curry of North Liberty was already a suspect in the crime, when he appeared in a bank surveillance tape. But police say Curry went on a spending spree that confirmed his connection to the robbery.

Iowa City police say banks keep an inventory of cash they've received, by the serial numbers on the bills, so thieves who spend those bills leave a paper trail.

One man entered American Bank and Trust, showed a handgun, and then left with cash. But Sgt. Troy Kelsay says it was another man who stuck out, later on.

"When officers were able to view the surveillance video, they looked at both the bank robber and the individual who'd come in immediately prior to the bank robber," said Kelsay. That individual was Curry, who authorities recognized from his criminal past.

Police say after the robbery, Curry went to the Johnson County Jail to pay off a bond from a previous theft charge. He then went on a spending spree at the Super Walmart, Gordman's, and Hat World stores in Coralville.

"He faces the same penalties as the person who went in and waved the gun around and actually did the robbery," said Kelsay. Police later found bills in Curry's possession, with serial numbers matching those that were stolen from the bank. Even if they hadn't recognized him in the security footage, authorities would have found him by tracing the money he spent.

"It would certainly appear that he was being extremely reckless, or he was being, I'll be kind and say 'extremely foolish.'"

Kelsay especially appreciates the irony of a criminal who uses stolen cash to pay his own bond...from a different crime.

As of Tuesday morning Sgt. Kelsay hoped that more arrests from the robbery would be made soon.

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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