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(KWWL) -- There's been a glut of homeowners across the country who have appealed their tax assessments and saved cash in the process.

The Wall Street Journal has some recommendations in case you're thinking about seeking a reassessment.

Act quickly after you receive your assessment to file your appeal.

Check your property records for errors.

And when you do make your case, have good solid figures, including comparable property values.

You may also consider looking at tax sites that help in the process.

One product of the growing national deficit may be a growing chance that you'll be audited.

In fact, your chances of being audited have gone up... From 1 in 202 to 1 in 99.

That's because the IRS believes it doesn't collect about $345 billion in taxes every year.

So it's sending more "soft" letters asking taxpayers to "reconsider" their payment or refund, or the next step up, a CP-2002 letter, which points out mistakes and tells you how much you owe.

Verizon Wireless says it will allow smaller wireless carriers with half a million customers or less to offer its exclusive phones after six months.

The move comes as lawmakers are working to have carriers end their practice of exclusive handset contracts, such as the iphone's contract with AT&T.

It's not sure, however, that Verizon's move will make lawmakers happy.

And Verizon is not giving up exclusivity entirely, as it says the agreements promote "competition and innovation."


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