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Christmas in July: Eastern Iowa hit with near record-low temps


by Bryan Goettel

JOHNSON COUNTY (KWWL) - You can definitely feel a change in the air.

Some brisk wind from the north brought temps that are about 20 degrees cooler than normal.

So much for the dog days. Summer temperatures have taken a dive.

"It's cloudy and it's cold," City Park pool lifeguard Asaf Vaknin said. 

On a typical Friday, the pool is packed with four or five lifeguards on duty. On this Friday, it's lots of covering up...and lots of down time.

"No, there's not much of anybody here today," Vaknin said.

"For July this is not good," Barb Jones said.  Jones was wearing a sweater while golfing with her husband at Saddleback Ridge in Solon.

On a day when the world's best golfers are battling the typical cold and windy conditions at the British Open, Eastern Iowa golfers are getting their own taste of it.

"It's cold," Barb's husband, Ron, said.  "I think it's nasty weather."

One of the course mowers showed up Friday morning wearing two shirts and a jacket.

But not everybody's grumbling.

"We're lucky today!" roofer Ben Ruiz said.

To roofers, this is paradise.

"Sometimes when the weather's so hot and carrying all the shingles by hand to the top of the second story house, that's hard," Ruiz said.

Ruiz said he and his co-workers can get a lot more done on a day like this.  But for most, it's a dose of fall they'd rather do without.

"This is terrible," Barb Jones said.  "I just want summer back."

City Park's pool manager said kids were crying during swim lessons Friday morning because it was so cold.

He said they were even nearing the point of having to close because of concerns about hypothermia.

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel

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