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Former Pittsburgh Steelers player hosts training camp in New Hampton


by Danielle Wagner

NEW HAMPTON (KWWL) A New Hampton native who played football for the Iowa Hawkeyes and got drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers was back in his hometown Saturday for a special training camp.

Mike Humpal organized "Training with Humpal," a multi-sport charity camp to raise money for the Chickasaw County Food Bank, as well as two scholarships for New Hampton students active in extracurriculars.

"At Iowa I came up and put a camp on, just football camps before and actually Robert Gallery and Nate Kaeding do a camp like this in the Iowa City area, and I helped with it a couple times and the kids really enjoyed it, had a lot of fun. I liked it because they got to do a couple different sports, so I eventually wanted to do that up here," said Humpal.

The second through eighth graders participated in football, basketball, wrestling and volleyball.

"Try to build their enjoyment for different activities and sports," said Humpal.

"I want to have a better chance of getting to know sports I don't usually play, and I want to get better at the ones I do play," said 10-year-old Carter Stochl.

To help with the camp, Humpal recruited three current Iowa Football players, as well as Matt Kroul of Matt. Vernon who was drafted by the New York Jets.

"Mike and I came from the same size town, same sort of school and it's always nice to comeback to town and see the kids workout," said Matt Kroul.

Mike Humpal hopes the kids learn about sports...

"When you're tackling, you gotta watch their hips the whole time. You gotta get up quick and keep your head up so you don't get injured," said Stochl.

But he also hopes this camp gets kids to be more involved overall.

"The more you can do, the more doors you have that can open in front of you and more opportunities you may have in the future," said Humpal.

"There's sports year round, you might as well play them all. It's better than sitting home doing nothing. Get moving and get active," said Kroul.

Matt Kroul hopes to start a similar camp in his hometown, and Humpal plans to turn his training camp into a yearly event.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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