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Bottled Water Everywhere



These days, bottled water is everywhere. According to research, Americans go through 200 bottles per person per year. But, are the rules in place sufficient to regulate this 16-billion-dollar-a-year industry?  That was the focus of a house energy and commerce subcommittee hearing today in Washington D-C.

The committee wanted to know about the regulation and oversight that governs this huge segment of the beverage market. The committee chairman noted that there have been 23 bottled water recalls since 2002, and because the product comes in a bottle, consumers believe it is safe.

Jane Houlihan, Senior Vice President for Research at the Environmental Working Group says Americans need to know bottled water is safe.

"When you pay a premium price for bottled water you deserve more than just claims. We recommend bottled water labels and websites disclose the same information the law requires of municipal water utilities and this disclosure be mandatory," Houlihan noted. 

The Food and Drug Administration says there have been no major instances of illness or serious safety concerns associated with bottled water over the past decade. 

Online Reporter:  Ron Steele

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