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Former students remember Coach Thomas with bracelets


WATERLOO (KWWL) - Several former students of the late Aplington-Parkersburg football coach Ed Thomas wanted to pay tribute to him without breaking their bank.

With a few dollars per person, the money is already adding up.

"(Coach) Thomas taught us so much just about being a good person. He's just exactly what a lot of people strive to be," said former student Lexi Voss.

Voss and a few friends wanted a way to remember Ed Thomas and give back.

They decided selling bracelets would be a good tribute.

"I think it'd be neat for all kinds of people all over to get to have one... Just so that there's a little piece of memory everywhere," said Voss.

The red bracelets read Coach T, the date of his death, and 3 words summarizing what these students remember of thomas's philosophies - faith, family, and football.

"Is that faith always came first and then your family, then football, but more than football is the team. The team aspect of it is that you are always a team, and not just one person but Thomas's big thing in life was his favorite saying was, if I only taught you blocking or football as a football coach then I haven't taught you the right thing," said former student Candace Kleespres.

The bracelets are at several businesses in Parkersburg, and a sports store in wWaterloo.

Brothers Grocery in Parkersburg sold out the first day.

"To know that they sold out that fast was... I don't know. Just him smiling down on us again you know to show that everyone wants that daily reminder of what he taught us," said Voss. They put in another order so Brothers will have more bracelets later in the week.

All proceeds will go towards the Coach Thomas Memorial Fund at Midwest One Bank.

Bracelets are for sale at:

MidwestOne Bank - Parkersburg

Iowa State Bank - Parkersburg

Brothers Grocery - Parkersburg

T & L's Pizza - Parkersburg

Dean's Grocery - Aplington

Lincoln Savings Bank - Aplington

Craft Cochran - Waterloo

Online Reporter:  Bob Waters

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