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Losing weight with lasers

There's a new painless laser treatment that some doctors claim removes pounds and inches, with no side effects!  But one medical expert has serious doubts about this new invention.
They call it "Laser Lipo".

Jessica Nay claims she lost 3.5 inches around her waist, with just one 40 minute treatment.
Promoters of the "Zerona" laser method claim patients can shed up to "nine inches" with a series of six treatments.

"With traditional liposuction, you are actually removing the fat cells from the body. With Zerona, you're shrinking the fat cells," said Angela Di Carleo with LibertyMD.

Dissolving fat and slimming your body, without surgery, incisions, pain or scaring.   The laser is FDA certified.   The company that makes it says Zerona works by "zapping" the fat cells, and releasing that excess tissue though the body's lymph system, but one expert is very skeptical.

"For a machine to lose 3 to 7 inches or get 2 to 7 dress sizes with a series of six treatments with a laser light is almost beyond my imagination," said Dermatologist Mitch Goldman.

Doctor Goldman says he used a version of the laser, together with liposuction, on some weight loss patients.  He says results from the laser were minimal, and while the company that developed Zerona has published test studies showing it works, Goldman say those tests are not enough.

"To the best of my knowledge, this machine has never been proven in a peer-reviewed clinical study to be effective," said Dr. Goldman.

A series of six zerona treatments costs about $2,000.   Experts say patients must continue to exercise and eat well, or the fat will come back.

Online Producer: Mike Verlo
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