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Hundreds pay final respects to Coach Thomas


PARKERSBURG (KWWL) -- Aplington-Parkersburg football coach Ed Thomas was gunned down Wednesday morning in the high school weight room, just feet away from the field he was so passionate about. Sunday people lined up for blocks to pay their respects to the community icon.

"I don't think his impact will ever stop," said Chris Luhring.

Ed Thomas' impact is seen for blocks, as hundreds gathered to pay their final respects on sunday afternoon.

"I think everyday he woke up and wanted to just ask god 'who am i gonna have an impact on today?," said Luhring.

And Sunday at First Congregational Church in Parkersburg, coach Thomas' impact is visible. Police Chief and family friend Chris Luhring remembers what thomas did for Parkersburg.

"He gave us a big gift here in Parkersburg by just giving a group of people ambition and a goal to accomplish but there again it was one little step at a time," said Luhring.

And one little step at a time coach motivated the entire town to rebuild from the tornado. Now everyone is giving back what they were given from a coach, friend and teacher.

"Just shows how big of an impact he's had on everyone. He touched a lot of lives, not just on the field but off," said John Wilmer, KWWL and former player.

And now as people pay their final respects to a town leader, they say he'll live on.

"He lives on in all of us everybody that was impacted that if we share his works, and share his thoughts and the things he taught us and share the faith he taught us. He'll live on forever," said Luhring.

"He was a humble man, he didn't have a big car, a fancy house but he was able to make an impact on a small town of 1800 people," said Wilmer.

A town that, now, stands strong and remembers.

Funeral services for Ed Thomas are Monday at 10:30 am at First Congregational Church in Parkersburg. Overflow will be at the Parkersburg Veterans Memorial Building.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires
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