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Health Plus: Covenant Sleep Center


Snoring, tossing and turning, so many things can interrupt a good night's rest.

But doctors say what's keeping you up at night could be killing you.

In Health Plus, how one local sleep center can help.

As an accountant and college professor, Larry Herzog needs to be alert.

But when a student's presentation on sleep disorders listed the symptoms like snoring and weight gain, it hit home.

"I went home and I asked my wife some questions about how I sleep and she said, "Well, duh!"

The 50-year-old was diagnosed with sleep apnea through a sleep study six years ago at Covenant's Sleep Center in Waterloo.

"Sleep apnea is a disease we treat because it has medical complications. Without treating the disease, you run the risk of an increased risk of strokes, blood pressure problems in the lungs and socially you are sleepier or tired all the time and the ramifications from that," says Dr. Dave Visokey with Covenant Sleep Center.

Not to mention you're at risk behind the wheel.

"It's not one or two percent. It's a 7-fold increase in driving accidents risk," he says. 

The continuous positive airwave pressure or C-PAP machine Herzog now uses at night changed the Waterloo man's life.

"Over the coming year, I had a complete reinvigoration of my health, lost 100 pounds and felt just fantastic."

No word on how his wife's sleeping now that he stopped snoring!

Covenant's Sleep Center has earned a 5-year accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Tara Thomas

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