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Deadly intersection on Highway 20 at Dyersville

DYERSVILLE (KWWL) -- Several deaths over the course of a few years have prompted some changes at an intersection on Highway 20, but some say adding a few signs and lights isn't enough. The intersection is on the western side of Dyersville at Highway 20 and 7th Street.

The Iowa Department of Transportation says there have been eight crashes between 2004 and 2008, and three people have died. The DOT says this intersection is definitely on its radar.

Just a few years ago, engineers say they added a right turning lane, extra signs, and a flashing lights, but just this week, two crashes. On Monday night, the State Patrol says two people were hospitalized after a driver didn't yield at the stop sign.

And hours later, on Tuesday morning, 73-year-old Patricia Gassmann of Dyersville was killed in another two-car accident. State troopers say they see a high volume of crashes at the intersection, but add drivers need to pay more attention, especially turning left onto 20.

"There's actually two places when they can stop. They can basically just worry about the westbound at the stop sign, they can then move across into the median area and stop at the white triangles and look to the right before they continue to make the left turn," Senior Trooper Jeff Driscoll said.

Also, there are signs and flashing lights telling westbound drivers the intersection is coming up -- in 1,200 feet. So, there's about a 12 second window for those drivers to see each other coming.

Still, the city of Dyersville is looking at preventing intersection accidents and making it easier to get into town. Improving the intersection is part of the city's new visioning plan called Imagine 20-20-- with the city looking at adding an interchange.

Viewers have asked about building an overpass. DOT officials say it's something they'd consider, but adding it would likely cost upwards of a half-million dollars, and in this case would require property aquisition.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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