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Authorities say they weren't notified of Becker's release from hospital


by Bryan Goettel

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) - Mark Becker has faced several charges in the past few months ranging from possession of drug paraphernalia to assault.

Saturday, the former Aplington-Parkersburg football player worked his shift in the kitchen at Old Chicago in Cedar Falls.

His night would end in police custody.

Dwight Rogers was in his home on North Union Road in Cedar Falls Saturday night when he says Becker came to the door and said 'Are you Dwight Rogers'?

Becker played football at Aplington-Parkersburg with one of Rogers' sons, but says he hasn't been in contact with him since they graduated five years ago.

Rogers said Becker began cursing and when he wouldn't let him inside, Becker went back to his car, got a baseball bat and began beating the house.

Police arrived and a chase ensued, ending in Butler County.

"Our officers that night talked to Butler County deputies and they said that they were gonna take him for psychological evaluation," Chief Jeff Olson said.

Olson says upon his release, Becker should have been charged in Butler County and then transferred to Cedar Falls.

According to the Iowa Deparment of Public Safety, Becker was released from Covenant Hospital in Waterloo yesterday, but authorities were never contacted.

"We were not notified," Olson said. "We do not know when he was released."

Olson says he still doesn't have an explanation from either Butler County or Covenant.

A Covenant spokesman says they're investigating.

Despite what appears to be a glaring miscommunication, Olson isn't sure the early morning shooting could have been prevented.

"You really can't make a connection or what if it," Olson said. "I mean he would have been released, he would have been charged here and he would have been released probably within...could have been hours or could be within the day. He wouldn't have been held very long."

Rogers told me he has no idea why Becker would have been coming after him.

Now the question he and so many others are asking is why Becker was apparently released from the hospital without Butler County or Cedar Falls police being contacted.

A question that may take days to get an answer.

Read the press statement from the Becker family here.

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel


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