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Extreme heat leading to extreme fan shortage


by Bryan Goettel

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - "It is really hot right now," homeowner Brittany Miles said.  "I'm sweating right now as we speak."

Summer just officially started on Sunday. But you don't need a calendar to know it's here.

"I have about five fans going in the house," Miles said.

Miles has no air conditioning in her southwest side home she moved into a year ago. Her only weapon against the heat...fans.

"We are in dire need of fans right now," Cedar Rapids Salvation Army Case Management Coordinator Lindsay Hand said.

As the temperatures have skyrocketed, not surprisingly so has demand at the Salvation Army in Cedar Rapids.

"Just alone today we've had probably about 25 people call in need of fans," Hand said.

But on Monday they had just two left, and they're already spoken for. The rest of the requests get added to what is a quickly building list.

"When you have three little kids sitting there and they've got sweat pouring down them it's terrible to have to say I'm sorry, we don't have anything for you right now," Hand said.

Hand says many of the requests have come from flood victims living in FEMA trailers. And it could be days or weeks before they get the fans they need. It all depends on the number of donations that come in.

Even though Miles is nearing her boiling point without air conditioning, she knows she's lucky to at least have fans.

"There's so much devastation from the flood I can't imagine nobody having fans if they were in the flood," Miles said. "I mean, haven't they been through enough?"

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel

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