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Special Bike Fund Needs Support



While most of us probably think of a bicycle as a common mode of transportation with just two wheels, Ruston Scott is proving just how important it is for everyone to remember some bikes are special---they may have three, or more, wheels--and for good reason.

Ruston's bike is one of those with three wheels, specially designed and made possible by donations to a unique foundation through St. Luke's Hospital. It's the St. Luke's Health Care Foundation Adapted Bike Fund.  The Adapted Bike Fund makes it possible to give special bikes to Iowans, whose face physical challenges becuase of motor skills complications. Read about Ruston in the following release from St. Luke's Hospital.    

Ruston Scott is enjoying bike rides this summer on his new three-wheel bicycle, which was made possible through funding from St. Luke's Health Care Foundation's Adapted Bike Fund.

With the use of adapted bicycles, children who have difficulty with motor skills have the opportunity to ride a bike with other kids and family members. According to therapists at St. Luke's Witwer Children's Therapy, not only is riding a bicycle a fun activity for children of all ages, it offers significant health benefits for children with disabilities.

"Ruston is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder," said Deanna Scott, Ruston's mom. "His balance is not good enough to ride a regular bike, so the adaptive bike is perfect for him. We had wanted to buy him an adapted bike for many years, but were never able to afford the expense." 

The Foundation would like to assist more children like Ruston Scott, but to accomplish this -- the Adapted Bike Fund is in need of additional financial support. Earlier this year, the Fund received a $4,000 grant from the Dominick McDermott Trust. But but because adapted bikes are expensive the money was quickly depleted. This is the second year for St. Luke's Adapted Bike Fund. Last year three children received specialty bikes.

"Thanks to the Foundation, Ruston is finally able to ride a bike, at 16 years old," said Deanna Scott. "He may never drive a car, but at least he can now ride a bike, which is so import for regular exercise, recreation and enjoyment and builds self-esteem."

"The Adapted Bike Fund is such a great resource for children with special needs in our community," said Shannon Duval, St. Luke's Health Care Foundation president. "The simple act of riding a bicycle brings such joy to the lives of these children and we'd like to see many more smiles but to do this we need additional support."

Individuals who would like to contribute to the Adapted Bike Fund may do so by calling St. Luke's Health Care Foundation at 319/369-7716 or log on to stlukescr.org and click on the ‘Make a Gift' link.

St. Luke's Witwer Children's Therapy started an adapted bike group bicycle ride on Saturday mornings. The next bike ride is Saturday, June 27, 2009 at 9:30 a.m. interested individuals should meet at the Cedar Valley Nature Trail, Boyson Road Entrance. For more information on the adapted bike ride call 319/368-5915.

Online Reporter:  Ron Steele



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