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Tornado clean-up in Dike

by Danielle Wagner

DIKE (KWWL) Clean-up was in full swing Monday morning on the Dudden hog farm near Dike.

It was a hot, but quiet day. Much different than Sunday night.

A tornado destroyed a building on the Dudden farm which housed 240 sows. All the sows survived and were moved to another facility.

Farm manager Jim Jones was feeding the sows just before the storm hit.

"It just got real quiet and I looked up. I could see it twisting. It was up in the cloud yet and then all of a sudden it dropped down so I headed for the house, but I heard everything break loose before I got maybe 20 yards from the building," said Jim Jones. 

Jones couldn't make it to the basement, so he hid behind a pickup truck in the yard. Thankfully, he was fine.

"I was at my residence five miles south of Dike and Jim called me and said we had debris flying around and he thinks the tornado hit," said farm owner Kyle Dudden. 

"The thing I keep thinking about is it could've been a lot worse than what it was because nobody go hurt, even the animals survived. Buildings can be rebuilt," said Jones.

After the damage was done, dozens of people came over to clean-up.

"Just like to thank everybody that showed up. People came flocking in. I didn't know some, but they started picking up," said Jones. 

Despite his ordeal, Jim Jones also spent the night and morning cleaning up.

Thanks to lots of help from neighbors, friends and family most of the debris was picked up by Monday afternoon.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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