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After storms: Still cleaning up on Dad's Day

by Jamie Grey

DUBUQUE (KWWL)-- The clean-up from Friday's thunderstorms is still far from over, but on Father's Day, some people are taking a break, but we met up with one dad who had to work on storm clean-up, but still got a lot of father-son time.

For 28 years, Jim McDermott has been doing professional tree removal owning his own company in the tri-state region.

"We're basically looking at an ash tree that's split in two.  In this situation, it's compromised to the point that the tree should be removed, otherwise you might that it on that house," McDermott said while scoping out a tree.

McDermott's sons John and Tom often go along.           

"The boys come with their dad on a lot of tree expeditions, and they've been doing it since day one.  A lot of times, if we go to a movie, on the way home, I might look at a tree job.  If we go to the museum, I might look at a tree job on the way to the museum.  And on the way back, we might get an ice cream cone," McDermott said.

McDermott usually does estimates on Sundays, and he does physical work the other six days.       

"I look at the size of the tree, how much time it will take to get the tree on the ground, how much material is there to chip, how much material there is to load, and how much time it's going to take me, and then I bid accordingly," McDermott said.

So Father's Day was no different, especially because in the tree business, McDermott has to take advantage of good weather.     

"You're pretty much shut down for six months during late fall, the entire winter, and first part of, when you have an opportunity in Dubuque, Iowa in the summertime, you've got to take it."          

John and Tom aren't sure they'll be in dad's business, because for now, trees aren't for work, they're for climbing.

McDermott says he's been doing removals from Friday's storm all over Delaware and Dubuque counties.  He's found that trees have fallen in every direction and taken down some large, old trees.

Online Reporter: Jamie Grey

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