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Wildcat Bluff clean up


URBANA (KWWL) -- Volunteers at Wildcat Bluff's Frisbee Disc Golf Course have been clearing uprooted trees, tree limbs and one damaged Frisbee basket from Friday's 87 miles per hour winds.

"There's 3 holes we had to close on the disc golf course and it could be several weeks before the mess is cleaned up and then there's some of it we can't hande so it could be even longer," Volunteer Steve Hepkin said.

Golfers have been advised to stay off the course because of damaged tree limbs that have yet to fall to the ground.

The volunteers are the same people who built the course a few years ago.

Hepken says that with an all volunteer staff, they are going to have a very hard time if they are hit again.

However, on a positive note, many of the damaged trees in the surrounding Urbana area were turned into woodchips to maintain the park.

For more updates and information on Wildcat Bluff's frisbee golf course, go to iowadg.com and click on "Urbana- Wildcat Bluff" under the "Courses" link.

Online Producer: Jackie Manternach

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