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Health Plus: Relay for Life

A battle is being waged by eastern Iowans.

They are warriors in the fight against a deadly disease... cancer.

Here's tonight's Health Plus:

Scenes from the Covenant Cancer Treatment Center in Waterloo.

A Hodgkin's Lymphoma survivor undergoing chemotherapy as she battles another type of the disease.

"I've been dealing with breast cancer for five years," says Denean Bauer.

A nurse organizing a team to take part in fundraising efforts outside of work.

"We're very fortunate that through research and continued support with monetary values of all sorts of things that new drugs are becoming available and we're able to do new treatments and modalities," says Dee Dennler.

Both of these women will be joined by hundreds taking part in Relays for Life across eastern Iowa this summer.

Denean's mom will walk with her in Black Hawk County just as she has through every one of her now 28-year-old daughter's cancer treatments.

"Probably the hardest thing as a parent was to give that up. That I am no longer in control. I couldn't fix this for her and I couldn't take it away," says Bev Abbott.

For nurses like Dee, supporting cancer research is a chance to give back to their patients.

"That's what we have all learned being in this nursing field./You never take anything for granted. You live each day to the fullest and we are blessed if we are blessed with another one tomorrow."

Denean, a special needs teacher who had a double mastectomy at 23, says the relay reinforces her drive to fight cancer.

"Part of it is the Survivor Lap. Just to be able to say I've beaten it twice and I'll beat it again."

There is still time to take part in upcoming Relays for Life.

Tomorrow at 5, the Black Hawk County Relay for Life kicks off at Hawkeye Community College.

We will be ther live at five and six.

Also tomorrow, Johnson County Relay for Life will start at 7 pm.

It's been moved to the University of Iowa Recreation Building.


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