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Med school for middle school students


by Danielle Wagner

WATERLOO (KWWL) Middle school students interested in a career in the medical field are getting some hands-on experience this week.

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare is hosting a med school all week. Students tour various hospital departments and visit with health professionals.

Covenant treats this program similar to a real medical school in that the students must apply to attend. This year, more than 25 students applied and eleven were accepted.

Donned in the customary bunny or marshmallow suits, future healthcare workers stepped inside an operating room for the first time.

12-year-old Jack Worthington got to be the patient as the students learned about sterilization, how patients are put under for surgery and of course the surgical tools.

"It's cool how people sleep and they don't realize what happened when you do surgery and all the tools. There's like 400 tools," said Jack Worthington.

All these middle school students applied for the med school because of an interest in a medical career.

"Those who are interested in math and science. Those who have an interest or usually a family member in medicine, give them an opportunity to learn more about things they may not have even thought of," said Covenant Human Resources Director Suzanne Burt. 

During the week-long school the students get to learn what they like, but maybe more importantly what they don't like. That's the case with 13-year-old Olivia Jorgensen who's most interested in physical therapy.

"We haven't covered the area I'm interested in yet. We've done mostly x-rays and blood, so I just learned what I don't want to do," said Olivia Jorgensen.

Organizers say middle school is a good age for students to get this experience because they'll have a better idea of what courses to take in high school if they want to pursue a medical-related career.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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