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Mean 18: Dubuque Country Club #7

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Every golf course has a round buster, one of those holes that just about every time out seem to stand in between you and a good round.

The deceiving Par 3 at the Dubuque Country Club, also known as the donut, is the second pick for the KWWL Mean 18.

At first glance, number 7 at the Dubuque Country Club looks easy. But, looks can be deceiving.

This particular hole is difficult because of its length, and the green is very small and very guarded by oak trees and a bunker. There is also a steep hill, which is fitting for the bluff city.

"When you stand on the tee you see 4 or 5 large oak tress on the left. Which really guard the best way to approach the green," golf pro Dave Edwards explains. "It forces people to aim to the right towards the Bunker that slopes down towards the right."

Edwards says the best policy is to go with your gut.

"Just pick a club and trust the club and make the best swing you can," he said.

Edwards managed to drop it right on the green, which presented a new problem.

"It's probably the most difficult green to read here. When you stand on it, it looks like it breaks quite a bit from back to front," Edwards said.

But instead it breaks left to right.

In the Mean 18 challenge of KWWL versus the pros, Edwards settles for a par, and Lauren Squires makes it in 5.

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