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School speed zones in effect after school's out


DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- It's the final week of classes for many school districts across Eastern Iowa. Before long student will close the books, clean out their lockers and head home for the summer. But you should still follow school zone speed limits - even when school's out.

With just four days left in the school year - students at Prescott Elementary in Dubuque are eager for summer.

"Everyday at dismissal time we get out our flags," said teacher Libby Allen.

At the end of each school day Allen guards these cross walks from downtown traffic.

"People sometimes just aren't concerned. They might be on their cell phones or texting. Especially around corners they just want to turn right on red and they don't really look to see it there are kids," said Allen.

During release hours many cars obey the speed limit - but that's not always the case. School's like Prescott are already built on a busy street which makes it hard enough to walk across the street, which is why officials here say that's why it's important to follow those school zone speed limits; and follow them year round.

"Many of the kids live nearby sot hey will always be kids around the school. And anywhere near a school were there's a playground you're gonna find kids this summer," said Allen.

The playground is already packed at Bryant School.

"They can be safe here," said Randy Andrews.

After school program supervisors say they've seen an increase in students hanging around after school - they expect that trend to continue into summer.

"We've seen a pick up on the playground. More kids come out. They're anxious to get out of school but they still come to the playground," said Andrews.

And if kids aren't outside playing - schools like Prescott and Bryant have summer activities and class - which means school zones are still in effect.

"Kids aren't always observant as they should be. They're more concerned about having fun and doing they're thing," said Andrews.

"You need to be paying attention, go the speed limit. Hitting a child or anyone, it would just be terrible," said Allen.

The Dubuque Community School District's last day is Monday, June 8th. Many schools will hold summer sessions and camps. Officials at Prescott say they will not have cross walk guards once the school year is over.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires
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