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Ten years of Slipknot


CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - Ten years ago, Slipknot was a band from Des Moines, getting ready to release their first major label CD, hoping it would do well.

In 2009, they're one of the best selling hard-rock acts today, with millions of fans around the world.

Slipknot singer Corey Taylor spoke with us backstage at their recent stop in Cedar Rapids May 14th. We spoke about what it's been like during the last ten years as a band, how the economy is affecting them, and much more.

He had plenty to say.

"No one on this planet will ever understand how much work it took to get here.

We were the nine hungriest dudes I'd ever met. We wanted it or else. 50 Cent has "Get Rich or Die Trying." We were going to die trying. That's just the way we were.

We've never been the kind of band that likes to go extravagant even though it doesn't really show, but we've always been really smart.

We've been able to kind of use all these different things that we've collected over the years to our advantage and then we rent the little things that aren't really all that expensive.

We still are able to do our show, and am still able to keep the ticket prices very low. :

What's the point of having a dream like this if there's no way for you to take care of your family or pay your bills.

I have a daughter who's going to be 17 in October. Her college is taken care of. She is taken care of. It's all because I get to do this, so I put more responsibility on this that a lot of people realize and I fight for it every day."

Taylor says Slipknot plans to release a 10th anniversary-edition of their 1999 major label debut later this year.

You can watch the entire interview by clicking here.


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