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Health Plus: Tornado and Flood Stress

For tornado and flood survivors, the recovery process is far from over.

In Health Plus, how one New Hartford man is trying to move on after losing his home in a minute.

In minutes the EF5 tornado had come and gone a year ago in New Hartford.

But the damage, both physical and emotional, will linger for decades.

"Pulled into the yard. I grabbed my dogs and headed for the basement."

Roger Palmersheim was inside his house with his family when the storm passed.

"You could just feel the pressure and I didn't think there was anyway we would make it."

After a month of being in shock, roger says he quit his job because he didn't care anymore.

Social worker Ron Larson says, like Roger, some survivors need a change.

"Instead of being like on a cruise control just going through life day by day they want to change something. They've changed sometimes their careers. They've changed their marital status."

Larson says tornado and flood victims still having a tough time emotionally could be experiencing post traumatic stress.

And they need to take their feelings seriously.

"It's a process of unlearning something that was a problem and kind of readjusting back down to that."

Now back at work, Roger is rebuilding but he's still under a lot of stress.

"Got a long ways to go. We're living here but everything's still a disaster."

Larson says you should at least take the time to get assessed by a health professional if you're still struggling emotionally with the effects of the flood and tornado.

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