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Classic car owners opinions on automakers struggles


WATERLOO (KWWL) - Classic car enthusiasts showed off their favorite vehicles on the eve of Waterloo's 4th Street Cruise.

From Plymouth to Pontiac, Chrysler to Cadillac, these cars are uniquely all-American.  For many car owners, it's a chance to come together to talk cars and show off.  Jim Ketels owns a 1956 Chevy Corvette.  He's disappointed to hear of General Motors' struggles.

"I don't think it'll affect everybody's love for the old cars. The new stuff I don't like to see it. I'd rather see the develoopment of new cars that would get people's interest. For years, you have new cars come out and you couldn't tell one from another," said Ketels.

Restoring a 1938 Chevy sedan was an 8 year labor of love for its owner.

"Parts are becoming scarcer but I think the car guys will keep this thing going," said car owner Earl Jacobsen.

The cars are also investments.  Some aren't sure if resale values will rise or fall.

"I like Pontiacs but now I don't know if they'll be worth a lot or not very much because Pontiac's not going to be made anymore," said Pontiac owner Greg Boom.

Many car owners say despite it all, their cars are something special - and they don't want to see them fade away - regardless of what happens to the company that originally built them.

"It's sad the car industry is in the situation that it is but I think they'll get through it," said car owner Linda Smith.

Online Reporter:  Bob Waters

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