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Car crashes into Coralville business

by Bryan Goettel

CORALVILLE (KWWL) - Just after 11:00 Tuesday morning a young woman came to Fast Cash on the Coralville strip to buy a stamp. She got back to her car and next thing she knew, she and her car were inside the store next door.

"As soon as I heard it I looked and I jumped back this way," witness Luke Reiland said.

So much for the quiet day salesman Luke Reiland was having.

"My slow day, my relaxing day, just took a little twist," Reiland said.

Reiland was alone in the exercise equipment store Second Wind.

"I was sitting behind the counter, just watching television," Reiland said.

Then he says it was like something out of a movie.

"Just a really big boom followed by just imagining a whole bunch of pieces of glass falling and shattering," Reiland said.

A woman accidentally drove her car right through the window.

"As soon as I realized what had happened my first reaction was see if the driver was okay and I kind of looked at her and make sure everything was okay," Reiland said. "She said she was fine."

"I understand she was getting out of the car, thought the car was rolling, thought it was in neutral," Coralville assistant fire chief Orey Schwitzer said. "She jumped in, thought she was putting her foot on the brake. It was actually the gas."

Fortunately it all ended with no injuries. Just a trail of broken glass.

"Anything that got damaged it can all be cleaned up," Reiland said. "It can all be replaced. Everybody's okay and that's the important thing."

The driver of the car was 19-year old Mikayla Field of Burlington.   No charges have been filed against Field.   Coralville police estimate the damage at $30,000.

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel

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