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Dubuque closing dog park because of noise complaints


Dubuque (KWWL) -- Dubuque's only public dog park will be closing April 1, 2010. That's following a city council vote of 5-2 Monday night, after a controversy that's taken the city nearly four years to sort out.

"She has a blast playing with other dogs and running around," Jessica Roling said. She brings her dog Bella to the grandview pet park around five times a week.

"Earlier in the day, a lot of people are at work, but later in the afternoon, it gets really busy," Roling said.

It's those busier times some people on Aspen Court complain get loud and obnoxious. Those neighbors have been trying to get the city to move the park since it opened in 2006.  The neighborhood was not consulted about the initial construction, according to council members.

"A dog bark just naturally alerts you. And if you're always in a constant state of alert, that's tough to live your life when you're trying to eat, when you're trying to have a conversation, trying to relax in your backyard," City Councilman David Resnick said.

More than a year ago, the city council voted to close the Grandview park as soon as a new location was picked. That hadn't happened, so Resnick requested the issue be discussed at the council meeting Monday night.

Resnick said the issue had gone on too long and wanted to set a concrete closing date. Four other council members agreed that the issue had gone on too long and voted to close the park April 1.

Resnick said creating a deadline should push the city to buckle down and find a place for a new park. "It quickens the pace, and really gives everyone something to shoot for."

Not everyone on Aspen Ridge is bothered by the dog park. Some neighbors said other things are louder, like kids playing outside or motorcycles passing by on Grandview, but they said it's a done deal and not a concern.

The council has set aside money and has mentioned reusing the materials from the Grandview park at what Resnick says will hopefully be a "bigger, better park".

"I don't think it's fair to close it down unless they open up a new one that people can get to; not 30 miles away. I can understand it being a little out in the sticks or something where there's not really any neighbors, but I think they definitely need to open a new one," Roling said.

The council said the city will continue looking for a new location. Resnick says the city hopes to have a new park open before the other park closes.

One new option -- opening a park behind the Star Cinema -- at the planned location for a new Humane Society facility. Council members said that location could take time, and Resnick and Mayor Roy Buol have both suggested creating smaller, short-term parks until a big, long-term park is built.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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