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Iowa City police investigate fight involving 50-60 people


IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Police say a brawl broke out in Iowa City on Sunday night, and may have involved as many as 60 people, some armed with baseball bats.

It happened near the 2300 block of Hollywood Boulevard just before 9 PM. People scattered as police arrived, and three people were injured. This isn't the first time something like this has happened in that area of the city.

One sergeant who responded dealt with a similar fight about a month ago, involving about 40 people. Residents nearby say it's even worse for them, as they fear for the safety of their children.

Earnest Owens says he and his son were outside his apartment at dolphin lake point enclave, when 30 to 40 people marched by.

They were headed toward Hollywood Boulevard, weapons in-hand.

"They had sticks and bats and chains and stuff, and the next thing I know, I heard police everywhere, all around," said Owens.

He's never seen anything like it in his neighborhood. "I pulled my son to the side, because I knew there was going to be some trouble."

Nyasa Neeley also lives in Dolphin Lake Point. He's lived here 12 years, and doesn't think it was gang-related.

"It is probably a family feud, that's what I gather."

Linda Williams heard that the fight stemmed from a pickup football game that got too rough. "How true that is, I don't know, because...there's three sides to the story. There's their side, their said, and then the truth."

Sergeant Denise Brotherton says the cause of this fight is being investigated. It's the third large-group fight in that area, just in the last month. The last happened in April, on Apple Court.

"It's overwhelming. There's a lot to decipher of what's going on," said Brotherton. "Our focus now is to make sure the area's safe, to have a presence down there."

Johnikka Jones says the parents of the juveniles involved need to act so it doesn't happen again.

"I moved from Chicago to Iowa City so I could get a better life for me and my kids. So to see parents not taking responsibility and raising their kids right...they're not doing that."

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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