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Working Moms in the 21st Century

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- This Mother's Day, mothers are a bit different than a generation before, at least statistically speaking.

72% of moms with kids over one year old work, that is about the same percentage as women without children.

Celena Vesely is the Nuclear Medicine Coordinator at Mercy Medical Center.

"I work 40 to 50 hours a week, and I'm on call every third week," Vesely said.

For Vesely, every week is a long work week, performing an important job.

"We inject people with radioactive tracers and then take their pictures," explained Vesely.

However, that is not her most important job.

"I always say my real job doesn't start until I get home and that's when you've got to turn it on, and be ready to work, definitely. Especially with two little boys," said Vesely.

Vesely utilizes the Mercy Hospital's Child Development center which makes visiting her two boys only a short trip down the hall.

"It's so nice. You can just go down and check on them. Right down the hall," Vesely said.

Being a working mom is part of what keeps Vesely going.

"I tried to be a stay at home mom for my maternity leave, and I was itching to come back week ten. Week 11, I started back a little early. I needed the stimulation; I needed the adult interaction," she explained.  

Vesely says like for all working parents, it's a balancing act. That act made easier by childcare providers, a loving husband and family, and learning as you go.

"Everyday, you're like, how does this work? How do we make this work? And are we going to be able to continue to do this? Because you get tired if they don't get a good night's sleep, you still have to be here 8:00 the next day," said Vesely.

Online Reporter: Jamie Grey

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