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Bike to Work Week kicks off

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - National Bike to Work Week invites commuters to trade in their gas pedals for foot pedals every year.  It runs May 10 - 16 this year.

Regular cyclists say there's been a growing interest in bikes in the past couple of years, as tough economic times are pinching gas budgets. Sunday, a group of cyclists rode the streets of Iowa City to prep their bikes for the week.

Take it from Cody Gieselman, it wasn't easy going completely car-free.

"I moved to Iowa City about 10 years ago, and I was totally dependent on my car," she told us.  "Slowly, I started riding my bicycle because I saw other people doing it, and over the course of maybe 5 years, I had completely stopped using my car."

Gieselman admits there have been challenges since selling her car.

"When there's snow and rain, I would realize I'm not dressed properly, or maybe my bike needs different gear to help me get the things that I need to work," Gieselman said.

But for her, the extra legwork and weather battles are worth it, and she hasn't looked back. She's so into cycling, in fact, that she just opened a new shop, called 30th Century Bicycle.

Event organizer Jen Bedet says a growing number of people like Gieselman and Sam Pottebaum are trying to break their dependence on vehicles.

"You're not paying for gas, nor are you emitting anything," said Pottebaum, repairing a flat tire. "It makes a lot more sense, if you think about it."

"I'm a volunteer at the bike library," said Bedet. "We've had a lot of people coming in there looking for affordable used bikes." Bedet bikes about 3 miles to work, which she says is a longer distance than most people drive.

"I notice a definite lift in my mood and energy on the days I bike to work, versus if I drive; I'm just kind of sitting there in my car."

And with ever-fluctuating fuel costs, she says it makes sense that biking is beginning to make a comeback.

Online Reporter - Brady Smith 

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