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Mushroom Hunting


DUBUQUE COUNTY (KWWL) - As the Spring Season arrives, Laurie Ready often enjoys the beautiful weather by walking in the woods of her family farm, to hunt for morels.

"It's a challenge to find them cause you kind gotta know where and the right time of year," Ready explained.

Morel hunting is the search for mushrooms under large trees in wooded areas.  An edible honeycomb looking mushroom and you have to find the right tree before you can find the mushroom.

"You can look for ones that are barley loosing their bark, still have some bark left on the tree," said Ready.

You cannot find these unique treats year round. Ready says she has luck two weeks before mothers day and a week after.

"The fun part is you can come upon a tree and you'll find one and you look and see 20 more," Ready said.

So how does this hard work pay off? Ready says these mushrooms go for $15-20 a pound.

"We'd come home with grocery bags full of mushrooms and sell them to grandma," Ready remembered.

Every year hundreds of people hunt for morels, some for the good taste, and others for some extra money.

 "They're hard to find and it's a lot of work. So you can see why they are so expensive," Ready explained.

This family tradition has been around for years, in good weather, and in bad.

"We've been out here when it's been pouring rain and cold. Just because we have got to find that mushroom."

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires
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