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H1N1 Flu: Cruiselines and airlines change plans

Dubuque (KWWL) -- With the bulk of H1N1 cases and origin in Mexico, many people have been worried about traveling there. Fearing the flu, some people are choosing not to travel, especially to Mexico. Some travel companies are helping people make those changes.

Angie Harter books trips around the world for her clients at Travel Headquarters, but with the recent H1N1 flu, she's had to change plans for some.

"We have had clients that are coming in and questioning their travels for travel in the near future, and we've made all arrangements for them if we needed to make adjustments to different destinations," Harter said.

Harter says airlines and tour companies are allowing people with Mexico trips booked before May 13th to change iteneraries without penalty but are not offering refunds.

Cruiselines are also making changes. For example, until June 11th, Carnival will not stop in Mexican ports, instead taking travellers to the Bahamas.

Other travellers have changed their own destinations.

"We've had some clients that have had to make a alternate arrangements for travel because their employers have informed them that if they traveled to mexico, they would have to take a week off without pay before they can return to their workplace."

Though some plans have shifted, with new announcements of H1N1 being less severe than first though,- travel agents are glad to send people south of the border again.

"We're very pleased to see people on the move as they expected or as they'd planned to do. So, we're just very happy to see everything getting back to normal," Harter said.

So for summer travel to Mexico, Harter says, no worries.

"Let's get em going! Start packing and get your passports ready!"

One thing to watch out for if you're looking to reschedule a trip: agents say travel insurance won't help you recover costs in this case.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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