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Flu antivirals arrive in Iowa

DES MOINES (KWWL) - Flu fighting supplies arrived in Des Moines Friday.   Officials have asked the Department of Public Safety to guard the state's supply.

Eugene Meyer from the Iowa Deptartment of Public Safety said, "This kind of a situation has long been planned for in this state so with proper planning and excersising it's been done and past months and over the years we've prepared a plan and we're well prepared at the Department of Health and Department of Public Safety to handle this situation."

Iowa has 750,000 courses of anti-viral medication are on hand. A course is the amount need to treat one person.

Meanwhile, doctors are question how long these drugs might work.
Dr. Martin Blaser of the NYU Langone Medical Center said, "There is a risk that we could run out of the stock pile, but there is an even greater risk - that the virus will become resistant to Tamiflu."

Online producer:  Adam Amdor

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