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Health Plus: Infant Immunizations

SHELL ROCK (KWWL)- In recent years, talk of vaccines being linked to autism has scared some parents into questioning whether the shots are worth it.

Health experts are answering with a resounding "yes".

In Health Plus, why local doctors say immunizations are saving lives.

New mom Katie Cerwinske admits having a baby is an adjustment, but one thing she can cross off her list of worries is vaccines.

"We know that it's important to prevent any future illnesses for her so we know it's something that needs to be done," she says.

At Covenant Clinic in Shell Rock, Doctor Jessica Boevers is happy to see the little ones coming.

She says immunizations have gotten a bad rap.

"Our best scientific evidence shows that they are safe and there isn't a link between the thimeresol, which is the mercury-containing preservative, and autism."

Boevers says experts are looking at environmental and genetic causes instead, adding the benefit of vaccines far outweighs the risk.

"Parents who don't immunize are relying on other children being immunized.  As more and more children are not being immunized that protection is getting pretty thin and the recent measles outbreak is a perfect example of that," she says.

Boevers says by the time baby Macey reaches adolescence, 26 immunizations should protect her from 14 diseases.

A comfort to her mom.

"I don't think there's any problems with them, you know. I get flu shots. It's just something to protect her from so it doesn't concern me at all."

One more way to keep her baby safe.

Experts say without vaccines disease nearly eliminated would make major comebacks.

Tara Thomas 

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