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Bond referendum could relocate Independence City Hall

INDEPENDENCE (KWWL) - People in Independence will be voting on a bond referendum next week that could relocate City Wall into a City Center. The center would house Police offices and the Chamber of Commerce.

Currently the city hall building is 3000 square feet. There are several cramped offices that will benefit.

To understand why they city of Independence is looking for a new home for City Hall all you have to do is take one step at a time and walk through that front door.

It's a cozy working environment inside the Independence City Hall.

"We've got 5 desks in the front office when you enter city hall, there's two separate offices," said City Manger Alan Johnson.

Whether it's cozy or cramped, there's even more of an issue outside.

"As you noticed by coming up the front steps of the main entrance it's not only cumbersome, it's dangerous," said Johnson.

The steep flight of stairs is the one thing between you and the front door of city hall. The city hopes to get one step closer to relocating. Tuesday people will vote on a bond referendum that will renovate this vacant building into a city center.

"City center because it is totally public accessible. There's not eve a public restroom in this facility," said Johnson.

The new center will also house police offices. The current office is shared with the county.

"Shift change mainly it's pretty cramped. Also if we have an event or something like that they do their reports and paperwork and things. The number of work space is really quite limited," said Police Chief Doug Rasmussen.

Currently officers share these two desks as their workspace. Their investigation office is shared by several officers. The new space would offer 4 times as much office space.

Both City Hall and Police say more workspace will help them do their jobs, take away the climb and make city services more accessible for everyone.

There is a concern about the buildings location. Currently it sits on the 500 year flood plain. In 1999 Independence saw a 500 year flood and the building did not see any damage.

Should the referendum pass - renovations should be complete in a year.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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