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Fearing more violence

by John Wilmer

WATERLOO (KWWL) - There is growing concern about more violence in Waterloo, possibly retaliation for Tuesday night's stabbing.

The fear caused by Tuesday night's stabbing has grown today. Rumors have been running rampant around East High School of possibly more violence. These rumors were enough for some parents to act.  

"When he's threatening my child then you are threatening me and it shouldn't get to that point because I'm going to protect my child," concerned parent David Bates said.

Bates pulled his daughter, niece, and nephew out of school. He says with the continuing violence in Waterloo, you can never be too careful.

"Now they have police in the school and we didn't have that when I was in school so you don't know what to expect anymore," Bates said.

Those students, who stayed in school, say there is little to fear. 

"I didn't feel scared at all. I mean I have no reason to be afraid because I'm not involved in any of those activities. I also didn't think anything was going to happen anyways," East High Freshman, Christopher Walton said.

To help student cope with the death of one of their fellow students additional counselors were brought in.

"They just want somebody to listen to them and a lot of times there aren't any questions or there is no information we can give them, but they just need someone to listen to," Guidance Counselor, Stephanie Chandler said.

Police officials say they are continuing their investigation. Captain John Beckman says there were a number of witnesses at the fight and all of them need to be interviewed.


Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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