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Dyersville releases Imagine 2020 ideas

DYERSVILLE (KWWL) -- A project that started with 569 ideas in October, has been narrowed down to five.

It's all a part of Dyersvilles Imagine 2020 program; five ideas that will help Dyersville grow by the year 2020. Bu these ideas will benefit people beyond Dyersville.

It's a commonly traveled highway in eastern Iowa, connecting Dubuque and Waterloo and beyond. A stop along the way: Dyersville.

"It's been talked about to have another interchange," said Karla Thompson with the Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce.

There's only one exit to Dyersville right now. But many people use an intersection on the west end. Its the fastest way to the hospital, but it's not very safe.

"Overall, just to improve the safety and visual access on and off highway 20," said Thompson.

That's just one of 5 ideas, the people of Dyersville chose in Imagine 2020; A campaign to encourage growth.

"What it will mean i think is more of a shared vision from the local community," said Jacque Rahe of the Dyersville Economic Development Corporation.

Rahe said this idea has been in the works for awhile. Now there's community support. But improving access isn't the only idea. Another item on the agenda, a pedestrian bridge between Westside and Candy Cane Parks. Currently the only way to get across is to drive. That's because there's a river between the two

"I heard through the grapevine, we were just talking the other day, that this project has been talked about since 1964. So this is a great opportunity to take a direction and get things moving on that," said Thompson.

Others in the top five include: building a community center, adding an Alzheimer's/dementia unit to the hospital and building trails to make Dyersville more bike friendly.

"We're growing, we wanna grow even bigger and have all the opportunities that we possible can," said Thompson.

Opportunities that could open more of Dyersville to highway 20, and help this community grow.

The city of Dyersville purchased land on the west end to build an industrial park. The highway 20 project is expected to help with growing traffic. A committee will form to get the project rolling.

Online reporter: Lauren Squires
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