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Businesses giving discounts to lottery losers

Dubuque (KWWL) -- Attractions across the state are trying to boost interstate tourism by offering special discounts to Powerball players with non-winning tickets. It's part of promoting "staycations"; the catch phrase for taking vacations close to home.

"At a time where the economy is a little tight, it's a lot easier to consider taking a weekend trip to Dubuque than a weeklong trip like to Yellowstone or Denver or to fly to Florida," Jerry Enzler said.

The Iowa Tourism Office and the Iowa Lottery are promoting the idea of staycations by offering discounts of twenty dollars or more to Iowa attractions

Like the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, the Riverboat Twilight, and the Iowa Speedway. Lottery officials say major university sports tickets could also be added.

Here's how it works: ter each Pwerball drawing in May and June,a discount to a specific attraction is announced. Any nonwinning Powerball ticket can then be redeemed with a coupon printed from the internet at

"We think this will add a whole new element. The chance to not only dream about big cash, but to experience great things across the state," Terry Rich, Iowa Lottery CEO, said.

Museum and aquarium officials say giving away tickets won't hurt revenue.

"Word of mouth is our number one form of advertising. When people hear about what this is like, they come back and tell their friends and they come again," Enzler said.

Enzler says hopefully encourage more Iowans to get a new view of their homestate.

Lottery officials will also be at Iowa fairs and festivals to give out discounts to events in other Iowa cities in an effort to get Iowans to visit other places within the state. To win, you'd have to have a powerball ticket with you.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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