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Dubuque County judges grant waivers for same-sex marriages

Dubuque (KWWL) -- Monday was the first day for same-sex marriages in Iowa. Across our state, gay couples applied for and were granted marriage licenses. Generally there is a three-day waiting period after the license, but today some judges granted waivers.

Waivers can be granted for anyone with an approved reason the three-day waiting period shouldn't stand.

In Dubuque County, several couples were allowed to get married today with no waiting period. One of those was the first same-sex couple to get licensed in Dubuque County.

The couple, now living in Dubuque though originally from Chicago says they still can't believe Iowa was the first midwestern state to legalize gay marriage.

"We actually was up at four c'clock this morning, trying to be the first ones here. We wanted to get married, be the first ones in dubuque to break history!" Kentaindra Scarver said.

Just after 8 a.m. Kentaindra Scarver and Veronica Spann were the first in Dubuque County to get a same-sex marriage license; something they're still in shock about.

"There's always, i guess that thought of it being taken away, and not being concrete in a sense. So once it really happened..." Spann said.

But just hours after getting the license, with a waiver in hand, they put that fear aside for the ceremony and celebration they've waited eight years for.

"We're counting down the minutes," Scarver said while waiting for final paperwork.

Cameras were prohibited during the ceremon, but we, and others watched the county's first same-sex marriage.

"I'm so proud to be an Iowan today! I'm so proud and excited for all of those people who have been waiting to come here and do what they've always wanted to do. To get married and share their lives with the person they've always loved, just like so many Iowans do," Tyler Dague, a OneIowa representative said.

Like Scarver and Spann, longtime partners, and now, through vows taken, the state now also recognizes the pair as "spouses for life".

"I checked spouse.," Spann said. "I checked wife," Scarver said.

"We're just excited. There's no words that can explain what we feel. My son referred to today as a holiday. He thought he'd get to miss school for this holiday," Scarver said. She adds he still had to attend, "education first!"

The couple is also planning a family ceremony in Chicago over the weekend.

At the Dubuque County Courthouse, there was no visible opposition or protest.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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