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Sunday afternoon storm passes through Balltown

BALLTOWN (KWWL) -- The storm pushed through Dubuque County Sunday afternoon.

While there are no reports of major damage, we followed the storm. One man who saw all it all unfold in his front yard.

people in Balltown are breathing a sigh of relief after they watched a storm, that produced tornadoes, pushed over their heads and over to wisconsin.

"well the weather was just kind of turbulent a lot of the first fronts going actually a little bit north of us. This long steam of clouds going this way and then we could see it was gonna miss us to the northside," said Dennis Hoppenworth.

Hoppenworth lives across the street from the scenic overlook in Balltown. He watched sunday's storms pass through, at 600 feet above the Mississippi, with a 33 mile view into Wisconsin.

"All of the clouds were pretty level bottom so we weren't seeing anything dropping out but it was just heavy rain as it came in it was turbulent. There were layers of air going different directions,' said Hoppenworth.

The view from the Dubuque County Fairgrounds shows a dark wall covered most of the northern sky. But Hoppenworth says this turbulent storm passed over Balltown and crossed the Mississippi. Now he worries the farmers below could see flooded fields.

That storm pushed across the mississippi towards Cassville, Wisconsin. There were reports of tornado activity but not touchdowns. A flash flood warning remains in Dubuque County.

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